Thursday, June 10, 2010


At times justice is meted. I ragged on in an earlier post about the ludicrous tattoo that Mitchell Johnson had stenciled on to his non-bowling right arm. Well the blasted thing has gotten infected. Dear reader have you ever seen an infected tattoo? They result in an awful, festy abscess that is both repugnant and dreadfully painful. It has booted him from the upcoming limited over series in England leaving Ryan Harris and Doug Bollinger, the incidental additions of the summer, to cement their places along with young Josh Hazlewood.


With the first match due to start in just over a week there is a good possibility that no-one will care because there is a World Cup on. The comeuppance does not end here though! Craig Kieswetter, the charming young, slightly South African, but well mannered Somerset wicketkeeper who graced in the Carribean Twenty 20 competition has booted Matt Prior from the England ODI squad. Essentially this is one South African for another but such is the beauty of modern multicultural England, just look at the abundance of Eastern names in the current county Twenty 20 tournament. I do not like Matt Prior. He is bald and ugly but further has a rotten character. He proved himself such an absolute louse in the last Ashes series, a braggart and bully and nasty individual. The chap can bat awfully well though so this is quite a serious step. He's in form as well and made a neat near century in the recent test against Bangladesh. Kieswetter in contrast, barring a memorable performance in the final, rarely converted his promising starts in the Twenty 20 World Championship . The young one has exemplary footwork though and magnificent timing so lets hope he delivers and good triumphs over evil. If Andy Flower made this change then one can only imagine the coach has great expectations of this young protege.


Prior is the sort of chap one comes upon in short stories about village cricket. The bullying blacksmith behind the stumps who blows the bails off and denigrates the sport. I remember in the last ODI tournament in Australia our Southern nation wanted to make the ugly old replacement keeper Paul Nixon into the same sort of a villain. Suprisingly though given his face and rampant motor mouth he is actually a very affable sort of a fellow.


In sadder news Mitchell Marsh has sprained his ankle and so won't be able to play with the Australia A side against Sri Lanka. Trumper wishes its young gallant hero a speedy recovery and a happy convalescence with whatever he might be up to in the Perth winter.


  1. I have no idea who he is, but I'm laughing.

    "I do not like Matt Prior. He is bald and ugly but further has a rotten character."

  2. Agree. More of this, Ben. You are my cricket guru.